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Come join our Motocross Family.

Practice Fees:
Main track $25 per rider per day
Pee Wee Track $15 per rider per day
Check the Calendar tab for all practice and race dates.

2014 Winter Cup Motocross Race Series:

     Round 1: 01.05.14
     Round 2: 01.19.14
     Round 3: 02.02.14
     Round 4: 02.16.14

2014 Spring Kickoff Motocross Race Series:

     Round 1: 03.09.14
     Round 2: 03.16.14
     Round 3: 03.30.14
     Round 4: 04.13.14
     Round 5: 04.27.14

2014 Smoking Summer Motocross Race Series:

     Round 1: 05.18.14
     Round 2: 06.01.14
     Round 3: 06.15.14
     Round 4: 06.29.14
     Round 5: 07.20.14

Custom Awards given to those who complete all 5 rounds of this series

All dates subject to change. Please check calendar page.

Anyone can race any round

Additional Race Events at AV Motoplex:

     O.T.H.G. Race: 03.23.14 - Support classes available

NEW PRE-ENTRY- $5 Off Your Race:
1)Print and fill out our Race Entry Form from our website COMPLETELY. Fill out ONE form for EACH race class you are entering.
2)Print and SIGN the Race Release Waiver from our website.
3)Make check payable to AVMX (please NO gate fees. Race fees ONLY)

Mail these 3 items to the address below or bring them to the gate attendant during operating hours.

Mailing Address:
43719 Sierra Hwy
Lancaster, CA 93534

Your race fee will be $30 for the first race class and $15 for any additional classes.

Gates Open 7:00am
Practice @ 8:15am
Racing @ 9:15am

Gate fee: $10 per person over 5 Years
Race Entry: $35 ($25 M2X Sponsored Racers)
Additional Classes: SALE $15 (regular price $30)

Each round trophies 30%- All pee wee 50's get a trophy.

Special Thanks to our Generous Sponsors:
Motocross Giant
Posca Motorsports
Barnett Clutches
Blak Flag
Dirt Digits
EKS Brand
Factory Effex
Fox Racing
Global Moto Outlet
Greg Robertsons Race Photos
Kawasaki of Simi Valley
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Come out for ATV's & Two-Wheelers on Friday's. Motoplex is open for our ATV buddies and those two wheelers that want to join their four wheeled friends. (Check calendar page for time). Encourage your friends to attend so that we may continue to have Quad Practice. We also offer ATV race classes at all of M2X Racing events.

M2X Racing Club will have approximately 25 races in 2013.
Dates will be posted on the Calendar page, and more details are available on the M2X Racing link above.
Get your M2X membership NOW while it is still FREE!!

We are proud to announce that AVMotoplex is now competitive with the best tracks around. If you haven't been to the Motoplex in a while you're missing out. AVMotoplex is currently open for public practice, private rentals, and RACES!

Main track
AVMotoplex has seen several makeovers since we opened in 2005.
October of 2005 we expanded 50% and changed the course.
August of 2006 we expanded another 75% and changed the course.
We changed the course again in May of 2007, in September of 2007, and in September 2009.
Our most recent change has been September 2010. The track has an awesome, smooth flow.

Mini track
We have desined a “mini” track as of September 2010. It is completely separate from the main track. We plan to offer a safe place for the pee wee’s and beginners to ride.

Our watering is the best of any track around, without any question. We don’t have to swamp the track with water trucks creating a muddy mess. With a water truck the water is never evenly distributed, it puddles in the inside berms and leaves the high spots dry. At LACR and I5mx, the track is closed for 20 minutes while they water. When the track opens it is a swamp for the first 20 minutes, good for the next 15 and then dusty for the last 20 before they close it again to water. At AVMotoplex we use hoses to water and the track is always open. If the watering is any less than perfect it is a result of human error. We work hard to keep our flagers attentive keeping some moisture on the entire track while not over-watering. Even when this human error is at its worst with over-watering etc. it is much better than using the water trucks. Another problem with closing the track to water is that 95% of the riders get back on the track as soon as it opens causing dangerous congestion. At AVMotoplex the track is always open and therefore only 60% of the riders in the facility are on the track at one time.

We will continue to import dirt and sand, raising the obstacles and adding new ones.
We will eventually be building an announcing tower and possibly an elevated bleacher system for spectators to view the entire track.
We are investigating lighting systems to stay open later on weekdays.

Don’t wait, come see for yourself. Please sign up for your AVMotoplex ride club membership while it is FREE!!!

As always your input is appreciated and your comments are encouraged. Thank you for your interest in AVMotoplex.